28 May 2017

Aimee's Baby Bump

I was honoured to meet the lovely Aimee this week and photograph her as she enters her final weeks of her pregnancy. As is so often the case, the first time we met was on the day of her portraits and within minutes, Aimee is taking off her clothes to be photographed alone in a studio with a photographer she's never met before!

I'm always aware of how daunting it can be for my clients and my main tactic in making you feel comfortable is to talk so much you don't even notice my camera clicking away. And talk we did!

I learnt that Aimee is an extremely interesting and impressive lady. She was left unable to speak as the result of Epilepsy as a child and had to learn to communicate again, through sign language (which she is still hugely passionate about) and learning to talk again from scratch.

Aimee confessed to having some body confidence issues at first during her pregnancy but she adores her bump and really wanted to capture this special time.

We made a casting of her beautiful bump and will photograph baby snuggled up in it at his or her newborn session in just a few short weeks time. I think you'll agree, Aimee looks simply stunning in her maternity photographs.

Aimee Baby Bump 1 Aimee Baby Bump 2 Aimee Baby Bump 3 Aimee Baby Bump 4 Aimee Baby Bump 5 Aimee Baby Bump 6