30 May 2019

Ashleigh's Bump Session

Every session at the Slinky Studio is different, and I am so blessed to meet such awesome people every day at work. Ashleigh was particularly fun at her bump session! She arrived and straight away admitted she hadn't been keen on the idea of pregnancy portraits at first. She was very clear in her head about what she liked and disliked and we settled on a clean, contemporary look for her photographs.

Ashleigh had brought with her some simple black underwear, a man's white shirt... and out of her bag she pulled a water spray bottle and some baby oil!

To say I was delighted to shoot something a little different is an understatement... I'll leave the words there and let the images do the talking!

Ashleigh Bump 1 Ashleigh Bump 2 Ashleigh Bump 3 Ashleigh Bump 4 Ashleigh Bump 5 Ashleigh Bump 6 Ashleigh Bump 7

Ashleigh said: I chose slinky after doing tons of research. Her work was exactly what I envisioned for myself! Amy felt me feel so comfortable when I was feeling very vulnerable. It’s hard when your body changes but Amy made me feel so so confident, she is so professional and friendly. She makes you feel at ease to the point where you forget she is taking photographs. Her work is so detailed and original, I can't wait to display some of my portraits and then keep others for myself as memories to look back on my pregnancy.