24 February 2017

Baby Ballet - dancer portraits

Christmas and New Year came and went and we didn't get chance to share with you a beautiful job we did towards the end of last year.

The Baby Ballet portraits! Miss Lucie, Miss Nikki and their staff teach dance from 6 months to school age venues across the Wirral. Classes are super fun and involve music, props and of course plenty of movement.

As a Baby Ballet mummy myself (Cora loves her class each week) it was a pleasure to photograph almost 200 little twinkle-toes during their normal classes. We took along our mobile studio setup to ensure we photographed all the children in an environment they are used to and with minimal disruption to their dancing.

We designed this sweet bed set to give a 'soft' and 'pretty' look to the images and everybody did so well – just check out these sweet smiles.

Here's just a couple of the Baby Ballet stars!

Baby Ballet 1 Baby Ballet 2 Baby Ballet 3 Baby Ballet 4 Baby Ballet 5 Baby Ballet 6