20 May 2017

Big Fish Little Fish

This blog has been on my 'to write' list for such a long time. Ten years ago on a Saturday night I'd have been taking a little disco nap around now, before hitting the dancefloor at Circus or Chibuku for the evening. These days, I'm propping my eyelids open with matchsticks by 9pm and will be up and having breakfast long before I would have left the afterparty 'back in the day'.

Baby Slinky is worth it though. And Big Fish Little Fish helps!

I never would have believed the scene if you'd have shown it to me back then. Dancing to my favourite DJs, all the classic tunes, in a proper club... with my baby! I don't think my credit card has ever jumped out my purse as fast as when I first saw BFLF last year. We went along to the July party and were absolutely blown away. Cora was only 8 months old at the time and I worried that perhaps she was too young. My concerns were unfounded though and she had a wicked time both on and off the dancefloor!

Big Fish Little Fish 2

There is a fabulous play area for the pre-walkers where they can play with sensory toys, in ballponds or just have a roll around. I brought a sling (of course!) and used that at times whilst dancing, but also had her on mine and her daddy's shoulders where she could properly see (and touch!) the decorations, bubbles and glitter cannons.

The BFLF parties are a fabulously safe environment to expose your children to a wide variety of people, a great atmosphere, fun arts and crafts and of course... the music. Constellations itself is a fantastic venue and the outdoor space is a welcome addition for the kids to blow off some steam in the fresh air on a sunny day.

We rarely miss a party these days and get involved in each event's theme whenever we can. Miss Slinky made an awesome Poison Ivy at the recent Superhero party and just last Sunday went as a Unicorn dressed in neon for the Old Skool Rave theme party.

Big Fish Little Fish 1

It's one of the highlights on our calender and I couldn't recommend more highly that you all check it out. Sunday afternoons at 2pm is clearly where it's at!

Big Fish Little Fish 3

"A lot has changed at the Slinky studio in the past 18 months. Most notably, the move to our gorgeous new studio (yay!) and the arrival of Baby Slinky (double yay!) Since her arrival, I naturally have a much greater insight into my clients' day to day. I feel like I've tried every product and every class available to us Wirral mums so this new blog series is my input into 'what's hot and not'! It's not sponsored, affiliated or in any way a business arrangement.

Just my experience and Cora's."