6 March 2017

Bump Casting

Last year we launched a beautiful new service and could not have anticipated how popular it would be! The demand for bump casting has risen dramatically and we're so pleased to be able to offer this on the Wirral as part of your maternity photography experience.

Not only is your bump casting a beautiful memento to keep (and display in baby's nursery!) we then photograph your gorgeous newborn all tucked up in your bump cast during their newborn photography session, so you can see how they fitted inside you all curled up and cosy.

Newborn in Belly Cast Newborn in Belly Cast

Bump castings are best made as late as possible in pregnancy, or at a time when you know you love the size and shape of your bump! We generally recommend between 34-38 weeks. If you book your appointment later than this you run the risk of delivering baby before your session. We even did one last minute cast of a lady in early labour who wasn't booked in til the following week, she had thought she had plenty of time left!

So what happens on the day?

As well as the bits you'd like to wear in your maternity portraits, we ask you to bring with you some old underwear and joggers/something comfy to go home in. The casting leaves a powdery residue on your skin afterwards that you can shower right off, so whilst we try to clean you up as best we can at the studio, we wouldn't want to mess up any fancy knickers or clothes!

After we're finished taking your bump portraits, we'll get you comfortable on our sofa with your bump exposed. You can either chose a bowl shape bump cast, or a full torso cast to include your breasts also – there are several options for how we finish the top of this – like a dress, you can have a sweetheart neckline, one shoulder or bandeau.

We'll coat your skin in Vaseline then begin creating your casting with bandages. We use warm water and the process is relaxing and comfortable as each bandage is smoothed over your belly. A casting generally takes around 15 minutes to create and another 15 to begin the drying process. At this point, we'll ease the cast away from you and store it to dry fully, ready to photograph baby inside in just a few short weeks!

There are tonnes of options for displaying your belly cast – check out this Pintrest search!

To book contact the studio on 0151 625 3322 or email hello@slinkymedia.net

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