20 February 2017


Cora and I already had a fairly full class schedule, when GlobeBoppers kept popping up around us – both persistent and tempting in equal measure. I'm a sucker for a music based class and it seems Cora is too. Especially anything with instruments she can play, or props to explore. GlobeBoppers has both in abundance!

Several friends had mentioned Globe Boppers to us and I regularly came across their Facebook page so we thought it was about time we tried! I called Jo one Tuesday morning while Cora was in nursery, and as it happened there was a class just down the road from us in Greasby that afternoon. I collected Cora from nursery, we had some lunch and off we went!

One of the great things about this class is the pay-as-you-go nature. We are signed up already to several classes that we pay for termly and it's always difficult to make a commitment when my work schedule is so varied. I love that GlobeBoppers is on a handful of days per week in different venues and we can just register for the one we want to do that week when Jo emails everybody on a Sunday evening.

GlobeBoppers Logo

The class itself is super fun, filled with songs and stories about different countries around the world accompanied by instruments, props and toys.

From attending our first class, I (like many others, I'm sure) presumed the class to be a franchise like the majority of these things are. Imagine my surprise to learn that the super talented Jo has created this class herself! From scratch! And it runs like clockwork. The children clearly all adore it and the learning vs fun balance is just right.

We'll be Bopping around the Globe with Jo as long as she'll have us!

"A lot has changed at the Slinky studio in the past 18 months. Most notably, the move to our gorgeous new studio (yay!) and the arrival of Baby Slinky (double yay!) Since her arrival, I naturally have a much greater insight into my clients' day to day. I feel like I've tried every product and every class available to us Wirral mums so this new blog series is my input into 'what's hot and not'! It's not sponsored, affiliated or in any way a business arrangement.

Just my experience and Cora's."