10 January 2020

Halloween at Home

Trick or treat may be off the cards but FUN doesn't have to be!

So with us currently in local lockdown, the plans we would normally have for half term and Halloween are null and void. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still plan a week filled with adventures and fun times.

Pumpkin picking/ decorating

The centre piece of Halloween décor is of course the pumpkin!

Whether you chose a large one to decorate as a family or several smaller ones to avoid arguments you will still be able to go and collect a pumpkin this year, whether that is from the supermarket as part of your usual shop or as more of an event at a Pick Your Own location. Our family favourite is Claremont Farm – keep an eye on their website here for more details: https://claremontfarm.co.uk/

Why not extend the fun by making some pumpkin soup link here: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/pumpkin-soup – this goes down a treat with Slinky kids Cora and Athena! They both love soup and have done since young babies. For very little ones, tear up some chunky fresh bread and soak it into their soup, this way soup becomes a finger food!

The Decorations

You don’t need a huge budget to make your home ready for Halloween. In fact making your own decorations with the children is an activity in itself and helps to use up some time as well.

You could make paper chains with Halloween coloured paper (if you don’t have any ask the kids to draw spooky images on the paper or colour in paper for you- bonus that this takes up extra time too!), create spider webs with cotton wool or if you have a printer you will find a whole variety of free Halloween printable’s that can be used to halloweenify your home.

Such as this gorgeous Halloween Bunting https://www.partydelights.co.uk/downloads/witches-crew-printable-bunting-how-to-PDF.pdf

Or Ghost Bunting here courtesy of Party Delights. https://images.partydelights.co.uk/images/Printables/Ghost-Bunting.pdf

Some more ideas Here https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/17170042304997002/

Some Spooky Fun & Games

The entertainment

Get creative!

  • Pin the stalk on the pumpkin- free download here courtesy of family education. https://www.familyeducation.com/printables/halloween-activities-printables/pin-stem-pumpkin
  • Apple bobbing- so much fun with the little ones and may just encourage them to eat some fruit too!
  • Tin can bowling game - save cans and paint or decorate to look like ghost/Herman Munster/cat/pumpkin/mummy etc. Stack them and bowl them over.
  • What's in the box? - This is great fun because it's a little messy, kids love it! Players are blindfolded and have to put their hand into the box and decide what it inside. Ideas could be toothpaste, baked beans, jelly, tinned spaghetti, rice pudding, mash potato, shower gel, ketchup, raspberry jam, cooked spaghetti, pumpkin goo.
  • Make a Mummy – Wrap the kids in toilet roll (you can always reuse it afterwards if needs be!
  • Halloween Movie Night- the majority of us have Netflix, amazon prime or Disney plus or similar and Halloween is sure to be filled with a whole variety of Halloween films on the tv too.
  • Pop some music on and have a mini Halloween disco at home (amazon prime some glow sticks for a cheap but effective addition to this)
  • Pumpkin piñata- make a homemade piñata and fill with sweets for a fun and decorative activity.
  • A Halloween scavenger hunt- fashion a list of spooky items the children need to find, whether inside or as part of your daily exercise you can make this as simple or as elaborate as you would like. You can use simple images for younger children (such as a pumpkin or a spider)

Halloween food and snacks 

Local business 'Graze Upon Us' have these amazing Halloween Graze boxes available to order! Check them out on facebook here: https://facebook.com/grazeuponus/?tsid=0.3555829223836624&source=result

  • Draw on clementine’s with sharpie to create fun pumpkins.
  • You could use a small amount of food colouring in water to create bright green pasta or blood red pasta.
  • Use Halloween cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, tortilla (bake it to make it crispy), fruit and veg etc
  • Jelly worms - tie together a bundle of drinking straws and place in a tight fitting class or container so that the jelly doesn't just pour our of the bottom. Make a jelly solution and carefully pour inside the straws. Once it is set, remove the worms from the straws and pile on a plate! You can make different colours or mix colours to make a more worm like colour!
  • Mummy dogs - sausages wrapped in thin strips of pastry and baked in the oven. You could add eyes after cooking using slices of olive.
  • Ghost strawberries - whole strawberries dipped in white chocolate. When the white chocolate sets, use melted milk chocolate to create eyes and mouth.
  • Mini meringue ghosts - make a face with melted milk chocolate
  • Fruit kebabs with decorated ghostly marshmallows in the middle
  • Brownies with eyeballs decorating them - you can buy eye ball decorations for baking in most good supermarkets or use icing to create your own.

The Costumes

There’s no reason at all you can’t still dress up, have a rummage through the dressing up box and see what you can find, or go old school and use bin bags and other bits around the house. You could amazon prime some face paint and do each other’s faces, usually with hilarious results. Spooky Stories Have a hunt through your books and try and find a book with a spooky theme and snuggle up together and read it.

So there we have it, Halloween doesn’t need to be cancelled just because we are in local lockdown. You can still plan a spook-tacular experience for your little ones and create some awesome memories to treasure. What have you got planned for Halloween? Be sure to tag us so we can see your spooky creations!

Halloween at home