22 December 2017

Jayden Turns One!

Most one year olds are pretty fun to be around, they love clapping their hands, blowing bubbles and giggling at almost anything you do!

And then there's Jayden! What a character! He came to us for the first time recently to celebrate his First Birthday and has since been back to meet Father Christmas at the studio! We popped some tunes on to get Jayden in the mood and he decided to boogie his way through most of his session, showing off the cutest little dance moves and sending us all into hysterics! Truly a happy, funny little dude!

Mama choose a clean white and grey colour scheme with a subtle stars theme! We LOVE how effective this is... all the focus is on sweet baby Jayden. Check out those expressions!

Jayden 1 Jayden 3 Jayden 4 Jayden 5 Jayden 6 Jayden 9 Jayden 10 Jayden 13 Jayden 7 Jayden 2 Jayden 8 Jayden 11 Jayden 12 Jayden 14 Jayden 15

Happy Birthday little mate!