8 January 2018

Lizzie's Maternity Session

One of the nicest things about a local photography studio, is being part of the community and our families lives.

I first photographed Lizzie at her engagment portraits, then for Wedding to Robbie, and soon after welcomed little angel Molly into the family, and into the studio for her newborn portraits!

Molly isn't a baby any more! Approaching two and a half and such a smart, fun, independant little lady! It was wonderful to welcome her back to the studio this weekend with mama for some portraits... before her baby brother arrives!

Lizzie is 37 weeks pregnant - doesn't she look wonderful?

Lizzie & Molly 1 Lizzie & Molly 2 Lizzie & Molly 3 Lizzie & Molly 4 Lizzie & Molly 5 Lizzie & Molly 6 Lizzie & Molly 7 Lizzie & Molly 8 Lizzie & Molly 9