20 May 2017


I shouldn't complain, and honestly I'm not... but we truly are inundated with amazing activities for babies and pre-schoolers on the Wirral. Testament to this is how 'passionate' I get when I speak with a newish mummy who tells me she is 'bored' or 'doesn't know what to do' on any given weekday with her baba. The only problem can be sorting the hypothetical wheat from the chaff.

If you're one of these mamas have gabbed with and I have enthusiastically thrust a business card in your hand and implored you to come and read my blog – welcome! You'll find some fab ideas here of what's on and more importantly – what's worthwhile going to when there are SO many options for classes and groups locally.

We have to be selective these days. Cora's calendar is already full of awesome, what with Puddleducks, GlobeBoppers and Baby Ballet all maintaining their permanent fixture.

I recently set up a small, friendly Facebook group for local mummy chat as many of the others are flooding with advertising and second hand selling. It was here I asked a discerning group of local mums for class recommendations and Popcats came up several times. A few days later we decided to give it a whirl!

Cora LOVES a music based group more than anything, and will shake her tush and bounce about for hours. Popcats Thursday morning group in West Kirby is a big group, but it doesn't feel overcrowded like some do - there is plenty of space for everyone. The class itself is fantastic value, a whole hour compared to the usual half an hour or 40 minutes and when it finishes, everybody moves into a smaller room for banana or raisins and a drink for the kids and a cuppa and natter for the adults. This social time is fab, for the little uns and us alike.

One of my favourite things about this class in particular is that Cora gets a litte bit of independence from me during it. It's a big room with a lot of people in and she doesn't feel chained to me... leaving me to natter with other mummies whilst keeping an eye on her and joining in when required. Heck I even managed to finish an online shop on the Sainsbury's app and fire off an important email during this weeks class. Her confidence is growing all the time and it's sweet watching her go make new friends with the occasional glance back to me for reassurance.

In short, Popcats is awesome and has well and truly earned a spot on our weekly class schedule. There's lots of sessions all over the Wirral all week so go check out the timetable and maybe we'll see you at Westbourne Hall in West Kirby, 9:30 on a Thursday!

Popcats 1 Popcats 2 Popcats 3 Popcats 4 Popcats 5

"A lot has changed at the Slinky studio in the past 18 months. Most notably, the move to our gorgeous new studio (yay!) and the arrival of Baby Slinky (double yay!) Since her arrival, I naturally have a much greater insight into my clients' day to day. I feel like I've tried every product and every class available to us Wirral mums so this new blog series is my input into 'what's hot and not'! It's not sponsored, affiliated or in any way a business arrangement.

Just my experience and Cora's."