4 February 2017

Swim Swims with Sarah and Puddleducks.

It's been a year now since we started, and our favourite thing to do all week hasn't changed. Friday afternoons for us mean just one thing! The drive to Foxfield School is now celebrated with squeals of 'splash splash splash' and 'kick kick kick' from the 14 month old in the car seat in the back.

Puddleducks teach babies to swim from birth. I think Cora was less than a week old when I telephoned them to book her in and we started at their next available session when she was seven weeks new.

I specifically booked onto Sarah's Friday class, not because it was our nearest venue but as Sarah is a previous client of mine (I took Sarah's twins newborn photography session) and like so many, over the years has become more of a friend. I knew she was the only person I wanted as Cora's swimming teacher and boy was I right!

As a first time mum, with very few of my friends having babies, I was a little alone for that first 7 weeks. I went back to work almost immediately Cora was born and tried to fit in as many classes and fun times as I could with my girl. It was in this class that I met my 'mummy friends'. A fab group of ladies, all with first babies, all with girls, all born within 4 weeks of each other. I'm not sure how I would have got through those early months without having these girls to Whatsapp at midnight to ask about poo – or any of the trillion-and-one other questions all new mums have.

14 months down the line, Puddleducks is the only class we still attend every week without fail. It's the one we look forward to all week and most definitely the one with the greatest long term benefits to Cora. Her progress every week makes me beam with pride and even when she really, really hates a new activity... Sarah's gentle persuasion and persistence means that it's second nature to Cora in no time. At 14 months, my girl can now hold onto the poolside indefinitely... climb out herself (as she surprised me with this week!) and enjoy small independent swims, even kicking herself up from underwater with eyes wide open.

The half hour we spend in the pool with Sarah is by far Cora's favourite regular activity and we look forward to many more fab 'swim swims' with Puddleducks.

"A lot has changed at the Slinky studio in the past 18 months. Most notably, the move to our gorgeous new studio (yay!) and the arrival of Baby Slinky (double yay!) Since her arrival, I naturally have a much greater insight into my clients' day to day. I feel like I've tried every product and every class available to us Wirral mums so this new blog series is my input into 'what's hot and not'! It's not sponsored, affiliated or in any way a business arrangement.

Just my experience and Cora's."