6 July 2018

Rachael and the Red Socks

It's so wonderful when creatives 'find each other' and something lovely is born! It's been 6 years since I first met the talented Rachael Gladwin. Within just a few short months we'd had a super fun session down in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle - some funky headshots for Rachael. She then came over to the Wirral to play her beautiful harp as I walked down the isle to say 'I Do'.

We got in touch again just last year and it transpired that we'd had babies just days apart, her son and my daughter weighed the exact same weight at birth too! Rachael is going on tour with her awesome 6 peice band 'Rachael and the Red Socks' later this year and needed some new promotional images. We decided on a location, Longford Park in Stretford and set a date!

Here are the results! Rachael is such a stylishly beautiful bohemian lady, she always looks awesome for our shoots - the rest of the band scrubbed up pretty perfect too!

Rachael 1 Rachael 2 Rachael 3 Rachael 4 Rachael 5 Rachael 6 Rachael 7 Rachael 8 Rachael 9 Rachael 10

Rachael: The colour, light and composition are absolutely perfect and the overall images are just right for our folky music. I love all the tiny details you observed and tweaked on the day, a lifted leg here, a lowered arm there - you really understand how to make lines and images beautiful. The photos are absolutely stunning, thank you so much.