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Pregnant in a Pandemic?

All is quiet in the Slinky Studio. There are no newborn cries, no baby giggles and no happy families capturing special memories. Yet it’s a time none of us will ever forget.

The Coronavirus pandemic is scary for most of the country right now, and with so many of our friends and clients expecting babies – we wanted to ensure we’re checking in… and helping out, wherever possible. After all, newborn babies and their warrior mamas are at the heart of our studio.

We decided to speak to some expectant mummies, and some mothers of brand new babies, born since the lockdown, with a view to sharing advice, concerns and experiences.

Danielle, who has just three weeks left til her baby is due, says “I’m very nervous that in 3 weeks time they may remove the opportunity to have a birthing partner.”

Sarah shared similar concerns, saying “I’m so upset my mum can’t come in with myself and my partner” and Steph agreed, “I’m nervous about the possibility of going it alone. Trying to stay positive as it’s a while off yet!”

Catherine shared some concerns she has regarding life after her baby’s birth. “Most of my personal concerns are around the impact on us as a family after the baby is born. It will be a shame if we can’t enjoy the company of family or friends, or attend baby groups. That will be difficult.”

Hannah’s baby is already overdue. She says “I feel very uncertain….it’s hard as I don’t know how things will go as everybody is different and will have a very different experience. I’m hoping I will go naturally in the next week or so as I’m so worried about being alone in the hospital if I were to be induced! Atleast if I go naturally I can ride most of my early contractions out in the comfort of my own home with my partner and then we will both be allowed to go straight to delivery once at the hospital.”

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As well as speaking to expectant mummies, we also heard from a tonne of mamas who have birthed their babies in the last two weeks. And their message was unanimous.

You. Can. Do. This!

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Rachel said, ” I was dwelling on the fact that nobody could visit but its been great for my son to get to be with his new baby sister and for us as a family to adapt to being a family of 4.” Nadine urged, “enjoy the strong bond you’re going to make being the only one around your little one.”

Of the birth itself, Emma said “The staff were amazing from start to finish, always advising always making sure they were clean and making sure people were social distancing! Initially I was scared of what I would find in the maternity ward but actually it was very quiet and pretty normal.”

Jessica shared her thoughts following the birth of her baby on the 25th March. “Stay positive it’s not as bad as it seems. Only one nominated person is allowed on the ward with you but the midwives are really caring. I’m taking the whole situation as a positive, me and baby have bonded very well and where all settled and getting in to a routine my son is also breastfeeding like a pro despite being in neonatal and haveing a feeding tube for first few days and I believe this is becuase we have had plenty of time for skin to skin and alone time without visitors”.

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You are brave, mamas. You are strong. Most importantly, it will all be worth it! When you cuddle that precious bundle of love, you will forget everything it took to get there. Stay safe, stay well, and stay in touch!

A note on bookings at this time: As we do not know when we will be able to return, we are not taking bookings and present. We have a large waiting list and will be contacting everybody, in order, when we are able to return. To request a session, please pop your details below and we will endavour to fit you in once it is safe to open the studio again.

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